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Shipping in Australia only.  Free Delivery on orders over $150.


Thank You!

Your support has made a difference to 7 Zhuang mums and their families

last year 2023!

Beenong Gifts will continue to design new products and practically support those underprivileged Zhuang people in need. 

We look forward to seeing you again

in 2024!! 

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Our Story

Engaging marginalised communities

Celebrating culture and beauty

The Zhuang are a beautiful minority people group in Southern China, known for their warmth and hospitality, welcoming even strangers as their "Beenong" ("friends" or "brothers and sisters" in Zhuang). 


Beenong Gifts exists to celebrate the Zhuang people and culture.  We seek to engage with, understand and serve these marginalised communities with compassion, because they are our "Beenong". In so doing, our hope is that they will feel affirmed and empowered. 

We want to share these precious people and showcase their hidden beauty with the world through using distinctive Zhuang designs in Beenong handicrafts.  Every Beenong product makes a difference to a Zhuang family and is a voice for the Zhuang to be known.

We work with underprivileged Zhuang people who would otherwise need to seek employment or fair wages away from their homes and families.  Every purchase you make helps to enable this community to take better care of their families, extend kindness and generosity to the poor and preserve the beauty of the Zhuang heritage.

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Social Enterprise

Sustain the underprivileged

Cutting Fabric


Ensure individual quality



with cultural integrity



Simple & elegant in style

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US friends: you can now order online!

We are very excited to announce that those in the US can now purchase our products online! Thanks for your patience as we work with the slower shipping affected by Covid.  Let us know if the items you're interested in are not yet listed on the Etsy shop and we'll do our best to get them there ASAP!

Join us!

Special orders for a special occasion?

Interested in becoming a distributor or reseller?

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Like our story? Want to be a part of making a difference in the lives of those who are marginalised and underprivileged? We are always looking for people who are keen to help us to promote our story and gifts in different ways and regions!

We welcome special requests and offer wholesale prices for bulk orders.   Please don't hesitate to contact us directly if you have any enquiries about special orders or how to partner with us!

Leave us a message or email us at

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Beenong Gifts

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